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Growing Lavender in Your Garden

Lavender is a type of flower with many different purposes. It’s appealing to amateur and professional gardeners alike because of its lovely smell and simple beauty.

Lavender is symbolic of quaint simplicity because it can be found in many areas of France. Even in the U.S., you can drive by fields of gently flowing lavender. The soft motion is very relaxing.

Beyond its aesthetics, this flower also has some health benefits. Lavender oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Commercially, it is sold in the form of lip balm, bath salts, balms, perfumes, and lotions. Medically, it soothes bug bites and encourages sleep and relaxation.

Lavender is also edible. Though the taste isn’t very sweet, it is often mixed with other sweet ingredients. Lavender lemonade is a fancy favorite. There is also lavender cupcakes and lavender candies. When bees pollinate lavender, their honey is infused with a taste of the flower, creating lavender honey.

To grow lavender, you need to buy a transplant. They are grown in mounds, specifically in areas with little humidity and has soil with more alkaline. This flower blooms in the summer and only needs light pruning. It is important to make sure you don’t over-water lavender.



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